Friday, April 27, 2012

Found items.

Someday's are tougher than others and when I hit them it seems like it would be easy to give up the 366 project and move on.  Yet I still manage to push myself and find something to photograph.  So I look around the house and found some items and try to make them look interesting.  My Instagram image for today was something I stumbled upon after I put my boy's to bed.  Luke was being his creative self and had made what he called a "Centre Piece" using a bowl, some of our battery operated candles, rocks, small rubber balls and AA batteries.  When I cam out of the bedroom after getting them to sleep the house was dark but his creation was glowing from the centre of the living room. I felt it looked interesting and shot the above image.  Cropped in Snapseed and framed with RealCamera+.
Then as I was coming to my office I noticed some of the old wood alphabet blocks had been taken out and played with.  So I took them to my office, placed them on the mirror and photographed them.  Cropped and post processed with Snapseed and framed with RealCamera+.

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