Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Something new.

So as I logged into blogger today to post my photographs I was greeted with a very interesting note saying that it no longer supported the browser I am using and I need to down load Google Chrome to make it work properly.  So here I am making my first post using Google Chrome.  I guess this only makes sense as blogger is part of the Google family and as such they want you to use their products.  Well so far it looks not to bad and I can access my stats for my blog much more easy.  Uploading the photo's is also quicker as I can do multiples at one time.  Still have to see how the lay out works and if it is cleaner.  For the time being I will be keeping my blog here, but it has been a goal of mine to integrate it with my web-site and that may happen a little sooner depending on my experiences here.
 So I was visiting the flowers once again today, both at my house and at the Varsity Community Centre. The first two here are the same flowers as yesterdays post but they have perked up now that we have had some sun and rain.  The top one is my Instagram 366 photo and the one immediately below is one of my "tadaa Today" images.  Both were processed minimally in Snapseed as I feel that they deserve to stay unaltered.  The main filter I used on all the images is the new centre focus feature called Old lens that does a nice job darkening around the edges thus keeping the focus on the flowers.
The bottom two are at the Varsity CC and were taken as the rain was coming down.  I loved the water droplets on the first photo as it added some charecter.  I moved in close to take advantage of the rain.  The  last photo is where I backed up and took in more of the scene.  I titled this image on my tadaa post as "My Sisters turned their backs to me" as I saw how three had turned facing one direction and the other was facing away.

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