Sunday, April 3, 2011

Day 92, 365 Day Project.

One of the assignments I had in my high school photography course was to shoot with in the property boundary of our home. At the time I found it most difficult. How things have changed. I would say that it is a safe bet that close to 85% of my images in the 92 days have been of something in and/or around our home. Today was no exception as after a big spring snow storm comes a big melt.

I happened to look out of the kitchen window and noticed that icicles had formed on the gutters on the shadow side of the house. The temperature was about 2C so I went out the side door with my iPod touch as I knew I wanted to use the "Pictureshow" app with the image I would capture of the icicles. I moved my camera around a few times trying to avoid the neighbours house in the background when I saw the flare from the sun hit the camera. So I moved around till I had the flare exactly where I wanted it and snapped the shot. In Pictureshow I choose to leave it as the original but use 120 reversal in the style palate to achieve a result I was happy with.

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