Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Day 94, 365 Day Project.

I get up early every morning and walk with Cool and one of his friend's and his dad to school. With sunrise right around 7:00 this creates some wonderful shadows by the time we hit the sidewalk at 8:00. Along our route we walk past one of the junior high school's whose roof they have been working on since October. Today I saw this wonderful pattern being cast by the ladder leading to the roof and had to stop and shot it. The iPod touch is a nice small device and handy to have around so I took a couple of angles before we continued on our walk. Once I got home I brought these two images into what has become one of my favorite apps, "Pictureshow" and start looking at combinations. I settled on Vintage Stain and Cross with Grain as the final product. However I also liked what happened when I hit the Mirror setting and the way the ladder did not show but the shadows converged on the bottom image. This image below was taken as I walked up my driveway on my way home. I saw these great shadows being cast on the rock and quickly took some shots. In about three minutes I was only able to try a few settings with the "Hipstamatic" app before the shadows had moved to much and disappeared. This was shot with the following settings. Lens: John SFilm: Kodot XGrizzled

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