Tuesday, October 30, 2012

670 consecutive days.

As I reach 670 consecutive days of taking at least one photo a day I look back at the challenges presented by such a venture.  So what has been the biggest difficulty in this project? Believe it or not it is nothing to do with the photography portion.  I have found writing my blog to be as much of a challenge as in finding a subject to photograph.  This accounts for why there has been gaps in my blogs, sometimes more then a week apart.  While I feel that I am an good photographer, I don't always have the same confidence in my writing.

I also wonder if I have any thing to truly add as I know there are many other more talented and knowledgeable individuals in our industry.  I guess there is always some self doubt that I have and a question of am I really adding anything of substance.  I'm just a humble photographer who loves this art form in all its genres.  I would like to leave some sort of legacy and make a difference on the lives of others who enjoy it as much as I.

So now with 62 days left in the year I do plan on continuing to shoot an image a day well past the end of the year.  I will be switching it up as I will be back to shooting other cameras as well as the iPhone.  I plan to expand my repertoire and share my discoveries.  I also want to strengthen my writing skills and thus will express other thoughts I have on photography in general.  I will start doing this soon and thus may not talk as much about the photo of the day, although that will be attached to the blog. 

So in saying that here are two photo's I took tonight.  The top photo is my Instagram 366 photo and the original had a green wall and some distracting elements in the background.  Using Snapseed I converted the photo to Black & White and then used iPhoto to remove the bright distraction in the upper right corner.  I felt this made the image more graphic befitting the musical notes.
This image intrigued me first by the grate over the fluorescent tubes but also because of the oscillating lines that I had seen before when I had tried to photograph lighting.  I believe this is a result of the way the iPhone captures images and certain types of light sources enhance and show this.  However I liked the effect it gave and after a little extra post work in Snapseed I obtained a result I liked.

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