Saturday, October 6, 2012

A month flew by.

I can't believe a whole month has flown by since my last post.  September just seemed to be one busy blur with me back to teaching and lecturing and Cool and Luke back to school and their after school activities.  No excuses here, I need to find focus to keep my blog up to date daily.  I will endeavor to do so in the future.  Here are my Instagram 366 photo's up to yesterday.

October 5, 2012  Went to a special mass for the Malayalam community in Calgary at Our Lady Grace Church.  Earlier in the day I had downloaded the new multi-exposure tool for Hipstamatic and I had a particular image in my mind all day.  When I arrived at the church the elements I wanted for the photo where there and I used the Hipstamatic app on multi-exposure and the BlacKeys film style. After photographing the statues face inside the church I went out and photographed the bell.  It Only took two attempts to get the image to line up the way I wanted and I titled the photo "For whom does the bell toll?"  ALthough I liked the effect I brought the image into snapseed where I added a filter from the vintage file which gave me the colouring I wanted.  The final image below was also cleaned up afterwards in photoshop in order to eliminate some power lines from the background. I feel the image achieved what I had envisioned earlier in the day.

October 4, 2012  Late in the evening and still needing a shot I took a pair of scissors from my office and put them on the tiles on the bathroom counter.  Adding a bit of grunge and then playing with the saturation given from the tungsten light source I got the result below.
October 3, 2012  First snow of the season.  After walking the boy's to school I stopped and shot some photo's of the few flowers left in the garden with their light coat of snow.
October 2, 2012  Decided to down load the iPhoto app and give it a try.  I think Snapseed will remain my app of choice for initial post processing, but I do like the repair tool as it is good to eliminate small, distracting elements. The iPad version seems to work better then the iPhone one as when you make a mistake and want to make a single step backwards the iPhone seems to want to take you right back to the beginning eliminating all changes you made where on the iPad you can take incremental steps back.
October 1, 2012  My first night speaking on "Camera Phone Artistry" for the Calgary public library.  Had a nice small group and the lecture flowed smoothly.  I shot this photo in the activity room where I was talking in order to demonstrate how one can find everyday objects and then work with them to create an interesting photo.
September 30, 2012  In the Canadian Martyrs church for a retreat with the Malayalm community once again.  While sitting in the pew I looked up and was taken with the light fixtures.  This is the result of the photo I took after a tiny amount of post in Snapseed.
September 29, 2012  King Edward School in Calgary's Southwest is going to be transformed into an arts incubator.  This weekend they had an open house and had a variety of displays by artists and local community groups.  One of the small rooms was converted into a replica of a photographers living space and had a variety of old photo equipment displayed.  This vintage 8mm film camera caught my eye and after photographing it I added a bit of grunge in Snapseed to finalize the result.
September 28, 2012  Also taken in the King Edward school the evening before during a special event to open the weekend.  While socializing I notice this unique light fixture and had to take a photo.  The event was wonderful as was the weekend and I think the organizers and developers, cSpace, are going to create a wonderful environment that will add to Calgary's culture.  I hope to stay involved in some small way and to report my thoughts here on my blog.
September 27, 2012  SAIT has gone under extensive development and renovations and I am proud to be associated with it.  However there are still structures that date back to the 60's and 70's.  These old sinks caught my eye and I liked the way I could align them to make a neat image.
September 26, 2012  Fall is fleeting here in Calgary as the colours change rapidly and the leaves fall off shortly after.  Walking the boys to school after an evening of heavy rain I saw this wonderful reflection of the tree and colours.  Getting down very close to the water with my iPhone I was able to get the perspective I wanted.
September 25, 2012  Outside a motorcycle shop where they were tuning up and winterizing clients bikes.  Got down low and photographed this bike then added some drama in Snapseed.
September 24, 2012  Saw this wonderfully coloured flower at the Varsity community centre.  One of the things I like in Snapseed to use is the "Old Lens" in the centrer focus feature.  I feel that it gives a nice darkening around the edges of the photo thar helps the subject pop off the frame.
September 23, 2012  Luke was sitting with me on the couch and stuck his feet between my knees.  I like the way they framed up and wanted to record them while the were still small.  After doing the cropping in Snapseed I let the Jazz app randomly make selections until it handed me this gem.
September 22, 2012  My brother in laws bar.  Need we say more.
September 21, 2012  The last day of summer and I rewarded myself with a mini-drumstick.  Decided to do a self-portrait in my office.  The background was rather busy so I used the app "Smoosh" to manipulate the background.  This was similar to pushing the emulsion around on old pollaroid SX-70 film.  After getting this result a felt it had a little resemblance to Edvard Munch's "the Scream".
September 20, 2012  We never no what we will find piled behind k-block at SAIT, especially as they upgrade and renovate.  There was an old gynecological exam table sitting out there for a few days and I thought it might make for an interesting subject.
September 19, 2012  My boy's have been interested in my 365 day project and every now and then make suggestions of what I should photograph. Luke wanted me to take a picture of this tree on our way home from school.  I think he is developing a good eye as I like the shot as well.
September 18, 2012  I like the silver and blues I found in this gate at the Haddon Road School where Cool and Luke go for choir practice.
September 17, 2012  We still had snapdragons in our garden that continued to grow and bloom late in to the summer.
September 16, 2012  I have photographed the cross at St. Luke's church before, but found this angle with the triangles and colours that I had not captured before.  I really enjoy the composition of this shot.
September 15, 2012  The Camera Store here in Calgary had a celebration of their 16th Anniversary and had models posing in the parking lot among the displays.  I liked this old Brownie Hawkeye one of the girls was holding and moved in close for the shot.
September 14, 2012  Close-up of a sunflower.
September 13, 2012  Another one of those nights when it came close to ending the continuous photo streak.  Looking around the kitchen I saw Cool's twisty straw reflected in a steal bowl.  I liked the snake like look and took the photo then used some grunge in Snapseed for the final result.
September 12, 2012  Out for a walk when I saw this wonderful pattern of light and shadow on the bridge crossing Crowchild Trail.  Enhanced and toned the photo in Snapseed.
September 11, 2012  Out driving in an industrial area of Calgary when I stopped to photograph this large structure as the stairs had caught my eye.  Using the drama 2 app in Snapseed plled out the wonderful detail.
September 10, 2012  This flower had a real vibrant colour and the bee just happened to be there.  Some post work in Snapseed gave it a painterly effect.
September 9, 2012  Sitting in Boston Pizza with the family I noticed the lovely colours of the table and lemon slice.  Carefully I lined things up and photographed it knowing I would be cropping it square to fit the Instagram format.
September 8, 2012  Out in Carseleand to take Luke to a birthday party when I came across this wonderful, old, rusted truck in the yard of a house.  Shot using Hipstamatic as I knew I wanted a certain tone and that the BlacKeys B&W film style would give me the look I wanted that would fit the subject.
September 7, 2012  Downtown at the Art Gallery of Calgary for the opening of a photo exposition.  While waiting outside I noticed the juxtapostion on the old Molson's Bank build in the early 1900's positioned against the recently completed Bow building.  I tilted my iPhone as I like the look this gives.

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