Sunday, October 7, 2012

Back to the beginning.

I took up photography as I was a tiny child who was always the last one chosen for the team. I learned early that I could still be involved by taking photo's at the games.  I got my first break photographing the Calgary Stampeder's of the Canadian Football League back in 1976.  I pursued sports and journalism for 10 years photographing a variety of events before moving on to the Art College and then my Portrait and Wedding business.  The last time I had photographed a football game I was still pushing 400 ISO film to 1600 and sometimes even 3200.

Today my cousin, Ben Hodson, came to town with the Saskatoon Hilltops to play the Calgary Colts in the final game of the Prairie Football Conference season.  The whole family came to cheer Ben and I decided to take my Canon 7D and the 70-200 mm lens and 2x converter. I approached the staff and got permission to go on the sideline for the game.  It was a lot of fun and shooting digitally sure was a pleasure.  I found I still shot similar to my days of film as I did not do multiple bursts, but just used my timing to get the shot.

Below are some of my shots from today.  The first image is my Instagram 366 photo for today and was shot with the iPhone.  I knew it would have to be something on the sideline and when I saw the Saskatoon place kicker getting ready to practice.  So I got down low and knowing there was a lag time on the iPhone tried to time it so I could get the ball in the air.  Fortunately it worked as he just did one kick and then went back to the sideline. I cropped and post processed the image in Snapseed. 

Then next 10 were shot with Canon 7D.  By the way the Colts won the game 30 - 19 to finish the season at 8 - 0.  If things go the way they should my cousin and the Hilltops should be back in Calgary in a couple of week's for the league final.  Perhaps I will get the opportunity to shoot that game as well.

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