Saturday, October 6, 2012

Getting my photographic art on.

So here is my Instagram 366 photo for October 6.  Inspired by the work of my friend Jonathan Marks I decided to get a little more artsy with my photo.  The subject was a toy clown that shoots balls out of his mouth called Mr. Hands.  After cropping in Snapseed I than brought the image into OldPhotoPro to change the tone and give a little bit of grunge.  One thing I learned is that the free version reduces the file size and you need to upgrade to keep the full native resolution of the iPhone.  I then brought that file into Pic Grunger where I added the texture giving the look I had envisioned when I took the original shot of the toy.  

If you want to check out Jonathan's work to see one of the iPhone artists I admire visit his site at and checkout his blog to see how he does his magic.

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