Saturday, October 20, 2012

Spent the day downtown.

Today I had a very full day and for the first time in months I spent most of my day in the downtown core.  I had two lectures for the Calgary Public Library.  Both were on Camera Phone Artistry and the first was to the camera club that meets at the Central Branch.  The second was an open lecture at the Memorial Park Library.  Both went well and I had good comments from all the attendees.  While downtown I shot a number of photo's.

The first two were done with the iPhone and processed in Snapseed.  We had some snow coming down and as I walked in front of city hall I saw the new Bow Building and a thought struck me.  I found some trees and framed the building with them.  Then after cropping in Snapseed I went to the vintage filter to give it the tone you see below.  What I was trying to go for was a look similar to Alfred Stieglitz's 1903 photo of the Flatiron Building as a tribute to this master photographer.  I was happy with the result and made it my Instagram 366 Photo of the day.

As I walked a little further I found a pumpkin decoration covered in the freshly fallen snow.  Again using Snapseed I enhanced it giving the following result.
At the Memorial Park Library Ihad a bit of extra time so I took a walk around the building and used the iPad to take a few images that I could use in the afternoon presentation.  I found this great light fixture on the ground and snapped a shot of it.  Other then cropping the shot is close to as shot.
Here I noticed the Calgary Tower reflected in the one of the buildings windows and grabbed a shot.  Using Snapseed I cropped and then used the drama 1 filter and then I used iPhoto to remove a couple of lights that were inside the building that were distracting.
Finally the night ended at Knox United Church where both of my boy's were singing with the Cantare Children's Choir.  Cool is a veteran of the performances but tonight was Luke's first time.  I was proud of both of them as they sang so well and looked very cute.  The first image was shot with the iPhone and the last four where done with the Canon 7D.


  1. I'm inspired by your inspiration. I hope your students understand that you are a giant and they have the opportunity to stand on your shoulders.


    1. Thank you Tony, I appreciate your comment. I am happy to have you enjoy my work.