Thursday, October 11, 2012

Looking for the beauty in a winter's blast.

When I saw the forecast yesterday I knew what I wanted to do with the photo of the day for today.  With fall colours still around I went out and looked for the most vibrant leaves I could find.  Our hedge just outside the back door had a few wonderfully bright leaves with a nice coat of white added.  I framed it up and shot then cropped it in snapseed and then used the old lens filter to darken the background and make the foreground pop. I think images like this can show the beauty even after a blast from mother nature.

For the last few months flowers have been a big subject mater, yet now I anticipate more winter scenes.  It will be interesting to see what I will discover.  I think the biggest challenge will be braving the weather when it turns even more bitterly cold.  This is where I admire those nature photographers who go the extra distance in extreme weather to create some of those memorable shots.  I will try to remember them when I am trying to shoot the season ahead.

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