Friday, October 12, 2012

Making choices.

The photo a day challenge offers many different hurdles and challenges.  Most day's Iam able to take the photo early enough that I know I have it and then can continue on to my daily routine.  Other days can be a struggle with me creating an image in the last hour of the night.  Then there are day's like today when I was able to shoot a number of images that I liked and any one of them could have been the Photo of the Day.

So how do I choose the image to apply that moniker to.  Sometimes one image stands out and is the strongest photo thus making the choice obvious.  Yet for me one of the factors I will use in choosing the photo of the day is what have I posted recently.  I pride myself on being a versatile photographer and one who can create an interesting photo of the simplest of subjects. Thus, variety is important to me.  Even if I have similar subjects, such as flowers, I try and vary the treatment in each photo.

So today I had that dilemma as I shot 5 photo's that I liked.  The first three were shot early in the morning as I noticed that the sunrise was going to be a spectacular one.  These three frames where shot from my front yard but by varying the point of view I was able to get three distinct photo's.  I choose the first one for my Instagram 366 photo for today as I had not posted a sunrise photo yet this year. I also like the colors and the trees silhouetted against the sky. The following two I also liked though for their own merits.

Later in the morning I ended up at Stampede park.  After coming out from my meeting I saw that there were still some plants by the building.  These tall grass stalks caught my eye first and as I moved around them looking for an angle I saw this high rise reflected in the glass and I liked the way I could frame it up with the grass.
I then turned my attention towards some of the flowers and saw this pair.  After taking the photo and post processing it in Snapseed I decided to title it "The Naked and The Dressed" in homage to Helmut Newton's series by the same name.  I liked the way the one flower had all it's petals still where the other was missing them.  Now this could have been my choice for the photo of the day, and some may feel it deserves it.  However I stand by my decision to use the sunrise shot to keep the variety in the project.  This one I can now use as part of another project should I choose.

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