Sunday, October 28, 2012

Back to the familiar.

Ones life is usually a set of daily routines inter-spaced with a little variety. As such today was a typical Sunday heading to church in the morning and then across to the Northland Mall food court for breakfast with the family.  Doing so you see the same things every time you visit and tend to over look many things.  However over the last two years I have learned to make mental notes of possibilities and when the conditions are right to then take the photo. Today's Instagram 366 photo of the day is of the sky light in the food court.  Normally it has to high a contrast ratio as the sun comes through very brightly.  Today the sky was overcast and allowed me to get the shot I was after with the iPhone.  I then used the grunge in Snapseed to give it a frosted effect.
This photo was taken earlier at the church. I have photographed the cross a couple of times from behind the alter but today thought the shadows were interesting.  I did some adjustments in Snapseed with the contrast and brightness to give a more dramatic look.

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