Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Expanding one's vision.

One of the biggest controversies with digital and especially with the proliferation of cameras in phones is that it has watered down the art of photography.  There are those who feel that to many people are posting things that are not worthy and passing it off as art.  While it is true that we are now inundated with images, I personally feel that it has freed one to be even more creative.

As someone who has been taking photographs for a long time I find that I am enjoying it more now then ever before.  Having a simple camera that I can have with me all the time allows me to be ready when something happens.  I also find that since I have started the photo a day project, I pay closer attention to details around me.  This can be seen through out my project and today's photo is an example of that.  Most of the time we will walk by and not even notice a mail slot in a door.  Yet by slowing down and looking I was able to see the colors and textures and make an interesting photo.
Now the second side of this picture involves what happens after the photo is taken.  Again there are those who find all the post processing techniques now available and there simplicity to be a crutch that too many people use.  Some people feel so strongly they can get down right nasty on the net and message boards when talking about post processed images.

My take on this is that once again we have a new tool that allows us to create images as we see them in our mind.  We can go with straight photography to completely digitalized art work.  This argument just shows you the subjectivity of the medium and I tell my students that while we may not like every photo we see, if the creator manged to capture what they envisioned then it is successful.

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