Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Finding the little things.

Some days are easier than others when trying to create a photo a day.  It always easier when one is traveling around and have a lot of new things to take photo's of.  When one works from home it makes it a bit more of a challenge.  I remember when I was in high school my photography teacher gave me the assignment of creating a unique photo taken in my backyard.  At the time I found it to be one of the biggest challenges I had faced.  It was not as interesting as sporting events, fires, accidents that I was use to shooting at the time as a freelancer for the local papers.  I did it but quickly went back to the more exciting photo's.

However over the years and in particular with the photo a day challenge I have become more aware of what I can create in and around my home.  Sometimes the opportunities jump out or I see the light happening and take a photo. Others take a little more thought, especially when the goal is to still create an interesting image.  

A lot of the time I find that I like to work with the small things, the items one might take for granted and not really think about.  Yet they can make for some of the most interesting shots.  Today I noticed this little hand drum that we picked up in Hawaii sitting in a basket with other musical instruments the boys have.  I took it out and looked at it, played with it, observed it. As the little beads bounced back and forth I knew the challenge would be how to show that motion in a still image.  So I positioned the drum in such a way as to see both beads and give some shape to the instrument.  I cropped the photo in Snapseed and then brought the file into the Jazz app knowing that it had some interesting effects.  I found this one in the light leaks filter and chose it as the lines of light helped to give the impression of movement. I felt it achieved what I was looking for.

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