Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Winter time is a great time for Black and White.

We had our first real heavy snowfall last night and for most of the day it was miserable.  However it cleared up in the late afternoon and I made a quick stop at Heritage Park on the way to the boy's choir practice to take few photo's at the slough there.

After taking a few photo's with the camera native to the iPhone I decided to switch over to Hipstamatic and shot the rest of my images using the BlacKeys film.  I am very familiar with this particular setting and knew it would give me the results I would like.  

At the end of the post I have added a colour image from the day so you can see what I was looking at.  In my recent lectures on Black and White photography I talk about how colour can distract from the scene and takes our eye away from elements of composition.  In the case of winter we are looking at scenes that are in large part mono-chromatic although not the most attractive.  Thus you can see how by choosing to shot as B&W (or converting to B&W later) can really help to enhance the scene.  The first image of the Cat Tails is my Instagram 366 photo for today.

This photo of the leaf had some additional post work done by adding an extra filter in Instagram.

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