Wednesday, October 17, 2012

The boys love to be part of my photo of the day.

I arrived at the boy's school today and met Luke by the front door.  He asked me if I had taken my photo of the day.  I said I had not and he told me to come to the back of the school as there was a puddle left by yesterday's rain that was beautiful.  I went to the back and he pointed to the puddle and so I asked him what was beautiful and what I should take the photo of.  He said the leaf in the water would make for a nice photo.  So I took a couple of shot's and showed him then we left to go home.

Later when I was looking at the quick snap I made I saw a simple beauty in this leaf.  I worked a little bit on the crop and added some vintage filter to give me this final result.  It is so nice to see that through this project that I have my boy's now interested in photography and observing the world around them more closely.

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