Friday, November 16, 2012

Abstract Humor

Humor, like photography, is very subjective.  Each individual brings their own ideas when they listen to comedy or view a photograph.  Now I know I am not the type of person who constantly is full of laughs, but I like to think I can say something funny once in a while.  I also like to think that I can come up with a humorous photo from time to time as well.

Today while I was waiting for my wife at an appointment I started to look at the light fixtures.  As I stared at one it began to look like a spaceship and when I noticed the little pot light in the background look liked a small flying saucer.  I snapped a couple of frames and then worked on the photo in Snapseed, iPhoto and RealCamera+ to get the look I was after.  I entitled today's Instagram 366 Photo of the day as "Returning to the Mother Ship". 

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