Sunday, November 4, 2012

Inspiration from others.

Photography is a medium to express one's self and a way to share our world with others.  There are those who's imagination and originality astound me and I admire what they consistently create.  I am always looking at the work of other's as a way to be inspired and to build my visual library.  I had always felt that one can learn the technical aspect of our medium and creativity is an inherent gift.   However I now am believing that one can develop ones imagination and what it takes is a nurturing and the freedom to allow this to happens.  We can also do this by allowing ourselves to be inspired by others.

Another way inspiration can come out is by simply taking little suggestions that you get from your peers.  I follow a number of photographers on Instagram and one of them is Greg Gerla (leggomygreggo) whom I had the opportunity to work with as an assistant from time to time back in the 1990's while I was a student at the Art College. He is an awesome photographer and is producing an interesting body of work on Instagram.  Today he made a little remark about there not being enough pictures of leaves considering that it is fall.

I decided that this was a bit of a challenge to him and I had been looking at the leaves in the snow on the deck earlier in the morning.  So I stepped outside with the iPhone and decided I did not want to focus on one particular leaf, but instead show the randomness of their beauty in the snow.  I tilted the phone and angled it in a way that gave me a pleasing composition and snapped the first image (my photo of the day for today).  I then moved in for a little closer look for the second shot.  Now both were processed with snapseed and a little bit of saturation was added back. I shared them earlier in the day and the comments and likes were positive not only in Instagram but on Tadaa and Facebook as well.

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