Thursday, November 1, 2012

New month, new project.

With two months left in 2012 and I embark on a new project.  The month of  November has become the month for men around the world to grow moustaches in support of men's health issues. Now the last time I attempted to grow one was back when I was twenty something and the results were less then spectacular.  I still don't grow facial hair all that fast but my wife and boy's are looking forward to seeing what I will look like with a little facial hair.

So I began with a post of my clean shaven mug and will updated it every few days as there is something to show.  If you are at all inclined to follow my progress you can do so here or at where you can also make a pledge.  It would be nice if I could hit $200 so if you feel you are able to please support me during the month.

I am also now into the home stretch with my Instagram 366 challenge.  Throughout I have posted many images but not to many of my family.  Today though Luke once again suggested that he wanted to be the photo of the day and asked me to take his photo with just his face emerging in the bubbles in the bath tub. Now many times when I take his photo he makes a silly smile but to day he gave just the right grin as I snapped the shot.  A little post processing in Snapseed to make it jump and I think I got a cute photo of my little guy.

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