Friday, November 30, 2012

Time for a little Ukulele

Looking for something to photograph tonight I spotted a Ukulele we had bought a few years ago in Hawaii.  I took it to the bathroom where I held it to the mirror in order to photograph it and its reflection. These two images were the results that I achieved with my iPhone.

Now there was some background that had also been reflected in the mirror but I was able to eliminate them in the top photo using the Grunge filter in Snapseed. It also gave a nice softening effect that I liked.  This was the one I choose to be my Photo of the Day.
For the second image the reflections were a lot less and using the Dark 1 filter in the Drama section of Snapseed.  Now there were a few spots on the ukulele so I then brought the file into iPhoto where I was able to eliminate them.

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