Friday, November 23, 2012

Experimenting with apps.

Looking for a subject to photograph this evening for my Photo of the Day I picked out a little figurine of the sax player of the California Raisins.  I set him on top of my little red fridge and snapped an image.  I then looked at it for a while when I brought it in to Snapseed for the crop first.  I saw a small spot on the file and then cleaned it up with iPhoto.

After this I started trying a few things.  First I converted it to Black & White in Snapseed (2nd photo) and achieved this effect by using a Red Filter which created a fairly dramatic photo.  I then brought the file into Jazz which gave me the results seen in images 3 and 4.  For the final image I brought the file into Big Lens which had a flare filter that I really liked and felt it gave a bit of a theatrical look.  I finished that photo up in RealCamera+ where I added the frame.

Since I liked all four images I brought them together using Frametastic allowing me to show all of them.  This became my Instagram 366 photo for today.

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