Thursday, November 29, 2012

Day 700

Today was day 700 of taking at least one photo a day.  I started on Dec. 31, 2010 and have managed to stay on task and keep shooting every day.  It was also the night for my last lecture for the Calgary Public Library for this year.  My topic tonight was Phone Camera Artistry and I had a nice group attend to hear me speak.  I have tried to take my Photo of the Day at the venues which I was speaking of and it was a bit more of a challenge tonight as the Thornhill Library is very simple.

As I looked around my eyes kept coming back to this lone pencil sharpener on the wall.   It almost seemed out of place with the computers near by.  I used my iPad to take the photo as I wanted to demonstrate how Snapseed worked at the end of my presentation.  I used the grunge filter after cropping then added the frame to finish the photo.
I wanted to include this photo of myself taken by Aaron Acevedo in my basic lighting class a few weeks back.  I had brought my 8x10 camera in to take a couple of photo's and Aaron asked if he could take my photo with it.  He sent me the files today and I did a little work on it using Photo Suite 6 to add the frame.  My wife really liked this photo.

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