Monday, November 12, 2012

Found objects.

As we go about our busy day's we just have to take a few minutes to see photographic opportunities around us.  Sometimes they jump right out at us and other times they are more subtle. There are times when the simplest found object can make for an interesting and possibly humorous photograph.  Today I spotted one of these little gems as I took some bottles to the garage for recycling.  There under the bench sat an old mouse that had fallen out of the box of electronics that I took in for disposal last summer.  Some how it had sat for all these months, unnoticed and undisturbed as dirt and leaves settled around it.  I founded it funny as winter has settled in and one of the problems we have never had to deal with is mice.  While I had seen the odd one outside we have never had any of the tell tale signs that they were in our garage.  So I found it amusing that here I had a loose mouse.  I took a shot with my iPhone and brought the image in to Snapseed for my normal post processing.  This is my Photo of the day for today.

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