Sunday, November 18, 2012

Patience is a virtue.

One of the biggest challenge's in taking photographs is learning to be patient.  This can be even more difficult when one has only a short period of time before having to return to every day life.  Today I had an hour while Cool was at choir rehearsal.  I decided to take a walk on the pathway behind the Rockyview General Hospital.  As I was walking behind the hospital I saw a bird feeder covered with chickadees.  I tried to edge closer but as I did they became spooked and flew of.  Sill I was determined to get a shot so I moved in close with the iPhone, held it up and framed the feeder then remained perfectly still.

It took about 10 minutes and I am sure people walking the path were amused watching me as I stood there. However I was determined and sure enough the birds came back and I was able to snap the following three images.  Afterwards I brought the files in to Snapseed where I cropped it and then used the center focus to darken the edges slightly.  The first of these was my choice for my Instagram 366 photo of the day.

I then walked around the front of the hospital and switched the iPhone in to Hipstamatic mode.  Here I took the time try some more abstract looking photo's of the building.  I liked the way that the sun being low in the sky reflected off the metal surface and the way the BlacKeys film adds to the look.

Wandering to the back I found the following photo's.  It is amazing what you can find if you just have a little patience, even if you only have an hour.

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